Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swimming in Jackson

We decided to take a trip to Jackson, WY to escape the Rexburg winter. We had a blast swimming! After over two hours in the pool, Dad and Mom were ready to go but the little tikes could have stayed there all day. Thank goodness Dad and Mom are in charge or we all would have been more pruney than we already were.

Hayden was pretty excited that he didn't have to be caught at the bottom of the slide.
Grace was making her debut as a swimsuit model. Isn't she cute!

Sage is getting ready to be dunked. She spent the rest of her time practicing all her water ballet moves. She is getting pretty good!


Aaron and Amber Yount said...

SO FUN! I'm sad I missed it. We will have to go back soon. Oh, by the way...I am going to have to guess that ANDREW posted this...am I right???

Jessie said...

Hi! It Jessie (Thorn) Walker! I saw your page on Meg and Ty's. I can't believe how dang cute your family is! Sage is so big, and the last time I saw you Hayden was just a baby, or maybe I didn't even see him, maybe you were pregers with him! It's been along time. I miss you! It looks like all is well. If you don't mind I am going to keep spying on you and your cute family! Congrats on having three and still looking fantastic!!! I'm still working off the baby fat after a year. Oh well. Gotta love them. If you want to check out my blog it's trentandjesswalker.blogspot.com
Love ya!

Ernie & Mel said...

Looks like fun...it gets me excited about Scera Pool time this summer. I hope you're planning on coming down. This summer we won't be big ole prego women...and I'll finally have a kid to take to the pool. Life just gets better and better.

Michelle Church said...

I just love that picture of Gracie!!

Only Girl said...

Fun enjoy them while they still will come with you. =)